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Fossilized Palm Root

Fossil Palm Root,

is the root of a palm tree that undergoes a freezing process or changes into natural fossils, the hardness of this fossil palm root stone is about 6 Mohns scale.

Fossil palm root Indonesia has a variety of colors and motifs, the most common color is a combination of bright brown cream color with a combination of black in other parts and has a motif like a burning fire.

2 other variants that are more difficult to find, namely black color as a base with motifs in the form of abstract circles in silver or gold with a combination of bright blue colors of chalcedony, one more type that has a yellowish brown color with the highest level of transparency or light penetration of the other type, with a mix of circular motifs that look like eye.

Because this palm root fossil stone has a level that is not too high then it will be easier to do the cutting but fossil palm root is usually found in large lump conditions intact so that it requires a large cutting machine to get good cut results, and requires deeper accuracy determine the pattern if you want to make into jewelry products, because the brown cream colored parts have a lower hardness and some cases have large pores and cracks.

The process of polishing the material is not that difficult and does not require special treatment, to make a product from this can get a bright natural sparkle.

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